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The city has paid for 20,000 carp to be stocked in Lake Austin over the past eight or nine years, and the state Parks and Wildlife Department has paid for an additional 10,000. Rolex Datejust 41 On Wrist

The city is paying $6.90 per fish from an Arkansas fishery. But fish farms have run out of the foot long fish, which are more resistant to disease and heat stress and less susceptible to being by eaten by bass.

Meanwhile, the cutoff of water to downstream rice farmers has meant less flow of upstream Highland Lakes water through Lake Austin. In 2011, releases from Mansfield Dam between March 1 and June 21 were 320,000 acre feet.

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´╗┐Determined to keep hydrilla Datejust Rolex 36mm in check

Growing in thick mats on or just below the surface, the plants increase rapidly and entangle just about everything: boat propellers, swimmers and other plants.

Santos Ramirez, owner of Keep Austin Wet Watercraft Rentals, said that boaters are chiefly constricted to the Rolex Submariner Mens Watch 16613

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Hydrilla occupied a record 566 acres of the 1,830 acre lake, according to an April survey by the state Parks and Wildlife Department.

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after, the city and partners began introducing carp, and in 2005, Lake Austin had only 9 acres of hydrilla.

lower half of the lake, east of the Pennybacker Bridge, where the hydrilla is less of a problem.

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Datejust Rolex 36mm

"There's tremendous demand for these fish this spring," Gilroy said. "We have to be patient."

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The 3,000 carp will join the estimated 10,000 currently in the lake from previous releases.

Hoping to combat an aquatic invasive plant that has marched across nearly a third of Lake Austin, the city is releasing one of the plant's mortal enemies into the water: carp.

Shallow waters in Lake Travis, which feeds Lake Austin, has meant warmer waters. (The average temperature in Lake Austin in mid June this year was about 75 degrees; a year ago it was 68 degrees.)

The recent uptick is a lingering consequence of the drought, according to Mary Gilroy, an environmental scientist for the city.

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Taken together, the conditions lead to the relatively warm and stagnant environment the plant favors, Gilroy said.

She said future stocking may be paid for with help from the LCRA and the nonprofit Friends of Lake Austin group.

Hydrilla first appeared in the lake in 1999. By 2002, it had covered 320 acres. Not long Cheap Imitation Rolex Watches Uk

The plants choke oxygen from the water, and they clog the water intake stations at dams, hindering power generation.

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On Friday night, Austin officials supervised the dumping of 3,000 sterile grass carp into Lake Austin.

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