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Gold Submariner Rolex

The company applied for the return of the vehicle but during a public inquiry withdrew their application, said the Traffic Commissioner.

Also noted was a "sting operation" arranged by VOSA. A traffic examiner from the agency told Mr Jones Gold Submariner Rolex there were nine passengers in the vehicle, all of whom were VOSA employees. The journey had been paid for upfront.

However, said the Traffic Commissioner, he later asked to change his statement and said only eight passengers had been on board. It was alleged Mr Nawaz claimed the journey was a favour and no payment had been made.

"It is unfortunate that the numerous prosecutions and impoundings have not prevented Mr Nawaz from offering illegal services to the travelling public in the West Yorkshire area.

Gold Submariner Rolex

"I have grave concerns at the conduct of Rolex Watch Gold Colour

The report also stated that in July, 2010, a vehicle was found with a missing seat belt and a defective tachograph, and wasn't certified as meeting basic safety standards and had no operator's licence. The driver who confirmed he had recently carried a party of people to Bolton, had also not recorded the details of his journey, as legally required, Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea Replica

Gold Submariner Rolex

Previously, it was stated, in September, 2009, the company failed to attend a public inquiry called to look into convictions and the company's repute.

Gold Submariner Rolex

The Traffic Commissioner also stated that Mr Nawaz had claimed on several occasions that he undertook limousine work as a favour. However, during the hearing, one of the company's former employees said a statement produced in his name and concerning the impounding in 2011 was false. This allegedly included claims the journey was a favour and had not been paid for.

The Traffic Commissioner examined a number of convictions relating to the business operations of Mr Nawaz, including six offences of not holding an operator's licence, three offences of having no insurance and two offences of fraudulent use of registration plates.

A Bradford limousine company with multiple convictions for illegally running vehicles made "huge profits" from its activities, a Traffic Commissioner has claimed.

And he branded Mr Nawaz, aged 29, a "serially and seriously non compliant operator" who saw court fines and the occasional loss of a vehicle through impounding as "little more than a business expense given that significant profits were being made from the illegal use of limousines".

The Traffic Commissioner also said that Oasis Limousines Ltd had also had two previous licence applications refused. The most recent was in April 2012.

An examiner from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) found evidence that the vehicle was carrying 12 passengers, who had paid for the journey.

Mr Nawaz told the T that his vehicles were highly maintained and that passengers were completely safe travelling with Oasis.

Gold Submariner Rolex

Mr Jones invited Mr Nawaz to challenge his former employee, Mark Sellers, about his evidence but the applicant did not do so.

He also considered the impounding of a vehicle operated by Oasis Limousines Ltd on January 22, 2011.

Mr Jones said: "I illustrated this by pointing out that if a double decker bus only had three passengers on board that the number of passengers would not render it a small vehicle."

Two days before the application was examined by Mr Jones, VOSA officers stopped a vehicle operating in Leeds.

Nawaz told the T that Mark Sellers still worked for Oasis as transport manager and was considered as a friend.

Other incidents involving Oasis Limousines were also considered.

Gold Submariner Rolex

Gold Submariner Rolex

"If I was to challenge the evidence, Mark Sellers would lose his Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) that we had paid for and that he had worked a year for," said Mr Nawaz.

'Disreputable' limousine firm criticised by Traffic Commissioner From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

A report released by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner revealed that Oasis Limousines (Bradford) Ltd, of Thorncliffe Road, has failed in its bid to get an operator's licence after appearing at a public inquiry in Leeds.

On the seat belt issue, he said: "It was a side facing seat. The law states only forward facing passengers need a seat belt."

But Mr Nawaz disputed this evidence and told the Traffic Commissioner only eight passengers had been on board. He also claimed that the journey had been undertaken as a favour to his father's friend and there was no payment for the journey.

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Gold Submariner Rolex

Gold Submariner Rolex

said the Traffic Commissioner.

The driver said he was employed by Oasis Limousines and told the police he was carrying 11 passengers.

But after reviewing the evidence and issuing a written decision, Mr Jones said there were few positive aspects to the case, which had been "far outweighed by the overwhelming number of negative findings which are of significant concern.

Mr Nawaz, who is consistently and persistently non compliant."

Gold Submariner Rolex

Mr Nawaz told the T that he had not spoken to the Traffic Commissioner and could therefore not have said those things.

In further evidence to the Commissioner, Mr Nawaz added that he had done everything in his power to run legally, including taking steps to ensure the operations were run correctly and that vehicles were roadworthy.

Gold Submariner Rolex

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