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by grade schoolers at the city's main library. More than 2,000 fans squeezed into the Gamecocks' roped off practice field when workouts began Aug. 3 to catch a glimpse of him and cheered even his most routine drills.

As part of its sanctions against Ohio State and Jim Tressel, the NCAA could levy a "show cause" penalty against the 10 year coach of the Buckeyes. That would mean that any college which wanted to hire him would have to in essence prove to the NCAA why he would be a worthwhile candidate and might not break rules again.

"I guess I can't speak too much more to that issue," Dick Tressel said when asked about whether he had any knowledge about the violations. "Everybody has their own opinion, so you guys are all with it. Attorney's office first brought the matter of signed memorabilia to Ohio State's attention last December. There has been a steady drip, drip, drip of rumors, innuendo and allegations ever since.

The NCAA may have other ideas. Jim Tressel was forced to resign as the Buckeyes' coach on May 30 after admitting he learned in April 2010 that some of his players might have accepted cash and free tattoos from a Columbus tattoo parlor owner. He knew about the potential violations for more than nine months but said nothing until he was confronted by investigators in January 2011.

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"Oh, not as hard as it's been on Jim Tressel and a bunch of other people. I think that it's been hard on everybody," he said. "I don't think that I should be singled out as it being harder on me. Because I maybe more than anybody else know that Jim Tressel is a special person and will want the Buckeyes to move forward."

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No coach has ever been hired who was still under an NCAA show cause sanction.

Clowney had been having a stellar camp and Spurrier said he might have played himself into a starting spot when 12th ranked South Carolina opens the season Sept.

"I sense that (he will coach again)," Dick Tressel said after Tuesday's practice at Ohio Stadium. "That's just because that's who he is, that's what he does. There's no reason to not think that, I guess."

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The 6 foot 6, 260 pound Clowney walked slowly out of South Carolina's practice fields, carefully stepping on his taped left ankle as he moved to the training room across the street at Williams Brice Stadium. Clowney was one of the defensive standouts at a Gamecocks scrimmage last Saturday, drawing cheers from the fans attending when he stuffed runner Eric Baker in the backfield.

When investigators first started looking into the allegations of improper benefits, loaner cars, cash for memorabilia and other NCAA violations, Dick Tressel said he never considered leaving.

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There remain lingering questions that Jim Tressel knew of potential violations for months but would not have discussed them with his big brother/assistant Rolex Daytona Black Red

Dick Tressel said he thought his brother would be touched by the gesture.

Officials at Ohio's high school coaches association have suggested that all coaches in the state wear a white shirt and tie to the season opening games this weekend in honor of Jim Tressel, known for wearing a sweater vest over a white shirt and a tie.

"Certainly, Jim Tressel would have to feel honored in that regard. He'd be humbled by that," he said. (AP) It was a sight South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier hoped to never see prized defensive end Jadeveon Clowney on the ground holding his foot and ankle in pain.

Clowney was swarmed Datejust Rolex Gold

was Rolex Datejust 2 Black Dial "rushing the passer and next thing I looked, he was on the other side near the offense laying down holding his foot," Spurrier said.

Clowney wasn't the only injury out of Tuesday's practice. Spurrier said starting defensive lineman Melvin Ingram bruised his thigh as he tried to block a punt. Ingram, a fifth year senior, was also expected to miss the next few practices.

´╗┐Dick Tressel says his brother Jim will coach again

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Spurrier thought both players would be available to face the Pirates.

"I'm here, ready to go. The process was to help kids play, help kids become the best that they can be," he said. "That's how the program was last January and that's how it is now. I'm just doing what I can do."

Gamecocks fans everywhere are eager for Clowney's debut. The South Pointe High star picked South Carolina over Alabama and Clemson last Valentine's Day, boosting already sky high expectations for the defending Southeastern Conference Eastern Division champions.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) If Ohio State assistant Dick Tressel were to guess, he believes his younger brother will be back in coaching someday.

The university went before the NCAA's committee on infractions on Aug. 12 and is expecting to hear what its final sanctions will be sometime between late September and mid November.

Dick Tressel, brought to Ohio State in 2001 by his little brother after 23 years as the coach at Hamline University, remains on the Buckeyes coaching staff. Instead of answering to his sibling, he now serves as running backs and special teams assistant under interim coach Luke Fickell.

The Gamecocks freshman left practice Tuesday after spraining his left ankle. Spurrier said the injury wasn't serious, but should keep the country's top college prospect out of practice the next couple of days.

Dick Tressel was asked how difficult the ordeal has been on him.

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Tressel was forced out by Ohio State officials for knowingly playing ineligible players throughout the 2010 season. As a result, Ohio State has offered to vacate its 12 1 record last season, including its victory over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. On top of that, Ohio State also has proposed a two year NCAA probation, several player suspensions and would give up $338,811 its Big Ten share of bowl money.

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