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´╗┐Discuss rules before getting your child a cell phone

Parents paying for the phone have the right Black Rolex Submariner

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"Consequences should be reasonable. If you say they'll lose their phone for a week and can't follow through with that, the child may be more inclined to really push the limits," Dimerman says.

Set a good example

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Rolex Daytona Gold Silver

to request their child's password and also the right to pick up the phone and read text messages at any time, she maintains. If you're not agreeable to a cell phone, simply say 'no' with your wallet or give them the ultimate responsibility by having them pay for it themselves," Arnall says.

Dimerman believes cell phones can be a great communication tool between parents and children when used properly. Texting parents from a party may be less embarrassing than making a phone call peers can overhear, for example. But don't let a cell phone give you a false sense of security.

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If a child has access to the Internet via their cell phone, they also need a lesson on cyber safety, says Arnall. They also need to understand school rules regarding cell phones.

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Model proper etiquette. Resist the temptation to continuously check your cell phone especially when in the company of others and don't respond to a text as soon as the red light flashes.

"More and more, younger kids sometimes as young as Grade 2 are getting cell phones and they want the phones with all the bells and whistles. A lot of parents pass along their old equipment when they upgrade," she says.

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a parent can Rolex Daytona Gold Silver do to prepare their child for a cell phone is to model responsible cell phone use, says parenting expert Sara Dimerman:

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Explore cell phone packages together; remembering most kids will use their phone to text much more than talk. Arnall encourages parents to take a deposit from their children to cover costs if they exceed their monthly plan or lose or break their phone.

"Don't feel like a bad parent if you're not giving them a phone if they don't have instant access to you, they will learn how to problem solve."

so fast.

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Don't spend unreasonable amounts of time with a cell phone glued to your ear.

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Backpack and lunch bag? Check. Pencil case and calculator? Check. New clothes and a pair of indoor shoes? Check. Cell phone? Not Replica Ladies Rolex Watches Uk

Back to school shopping may be accompanied by pleas for a cell phone but it's up to parents to decide if their children are ready for the responsibility and really needs one.

Discuss guidelines, such as no cell phones at dinner or bedtime, as well as consequences for breaking the rules.

"Some 11 year olds are walking home from school with friends while other 11 year olds are nowhere close to having the street smarts or confidence to do so."

"If somebody wants to hurt your child, they'll grab their cell phone and a child isn't going to be able to grab it back from an adult who is twice his or her size," she says.

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