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Publisher do not fill to overflowing with letters and opinion pieces. Differing opinions are the lifeblood of any publication and the Publisher is no different.

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When I was on the recent Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade visit to Ottawa and Washington, DC, one of the most heard refrain from the journalists involved was that they did not realize they were so similar. Journalists from Saskatoon, Sask., had interests in common with journalists from Hay River, NWT. And Canadian journalists even found Rolex Datejust 36mm

´╗┐Differing opinions the lifeblood of any publication

Across this gigantic country, newspaper people are dealing with the same basic issues like ethics, finding a job, scrounging for advertising, and sometimes butting heads with Canada Post. CCNA, and the Publisher by Rolex Watch Gold And Silver

Whether it is a discussion about ethics, a comment on the latest CCNA initiative, or a opinion on what you think CCNA should be doing for you, your opinion is welcome.

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Letters written to the Publisher about any topic reach newspaper people like yourself from all over Canada. It connects the industry in a way that is enriching for everyone involved.

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But interfering in the lives and stories one is writing about can lead to a public perception of bias, thereby damaging or even eliminating journalistic integrity.

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That is why it is heartening to see publishers using the Publisher as a vehicle for communication. The Publisher is the perfect place for newspaper people to discuss issues in an open forum.

should be involved as part of the news rather than just covering it.

common ground with their American counterparts.

The debate centres around a simple question should journalists become part of the Rolex Explorer Nato stories they write about? Of course, no issue is quite so simple. It is easy to make rules barring journalists from being members of the local Optimists club, but those same journalists must live in the communities they report on.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is important for you to be heard. This is true for any issue.

It is no secret that the editorial pages of the

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It is an interesting debate with strong proponents on both sides, as the letters in this issue show. It is also a subject on which many are willing to speak out.

This month in the Publisher, two letters to the editor take opposing sides on whether journalists Rolex Watch Gold Diamond

extension, is the voice of those newspaper people. It is a voice that is unfortunately not used as much as it could be.

The Publisher is your voice it is up to you to use it. Write a letter to the editor or an opinion piece about a newspaper subject dear to your heart. Chances are, someone from somewhere else in Canada has had the same experience and is willing to share information.

It is hard for some not to try and make their communities better with the one strength they do possess the ear of the public.

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