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Rolex Milgauss Price

Has anyone done this who is willing to share data?

According to WD, the Green drives park the drive heads which lifts them slightly off the surface of the disk. This is done during inactivity to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Rolex Milgauss Price

The way to answer the question of the spindown is:

1) Set the drive to spin to 0 rpm after X seconds, and verify this works.

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I'm considering a Western Digital Green drive for use in a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). This equipment does no power management itself, and won't set the drive to spin down.

might be different, and wonder if anyone can confirm. Will it spin down in my DVR?

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load even more; which can be measured with voltage meter as it uses more power directly after completing an I/O request than say 10 minutes later.

Tom's has already measured idle power consumption (with an amp meter, not a volt meter, of course). The drive offers pretty good results when actually idle.

X seconds?

I've experimented with a standard Seagate drive: by "hot plugging" the running drive into a PC, I can set the spindown setting, and then "hot plug" the unit back to the DVR. When the video recorder is in standby the drive spins down until the next scheduled recording . But the moment power is cycled, the setting is lost.

The WD Green is 5400rpm yes, not 5400rpm 7200rpm like the marketing suggest, but that wasn't what i meant. The issue is that when the drive idles, it goes even lower power idle state; though not completely spun down like with a spindown command where it goes to 0rpm; any access would need 8 seconds or so to regain its spindle speed. The WD Green appears to use some built in mechanism to reduce idle Rolex Watches For Women Black

Rolex Milgauss Price

Rolex Milgauss Price

2) Unplug the drive. Plug it back into power only (no SATA). Does it still spin to 0 rpm after Rolex Explorer Ii 16570 Black Dial

Rolex Milgauss Price

But in that mode the Green drive is still using more than a comparable non green notebook drive. I'm talking about a digital video recorder that might record 1 hour of TV every few days. It can spin to 0 rpm, especially since this involves no drive head wear.

What the exact story is here i don't know, but it doesn't matter really the benefit is lower power consumption especially in idle mode which is most important. The drive will be significantly less hot and won't need active cooling.

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Note 1: Specifically I power the drive from the DVR at all times, then hot remove the SATA cable, hot plug into a PC running Linux, issue "hdparm S1 /dev/sda", then hotplug back to the DVR. This fools the drive into thinking the S1 command came from the Digital Video Recorder.

Note 2: This is a Dish Network DTV Pal DVR (formerly the TR 50), and over the air, no internet or monthly TiVo fee required, hard drive based video recorder which works like an extended version of a DTV converter box. It draws 22 Watts 24/7 with the stock drive, a 7200 RPM Seagate.

I understand that Rolex Milgauss Price most SATA drives forget the spindown setting. However I understand the WDC Green Rolex Datejust 41 Black Diamond

´╗┐Do spindown settings persist after power cycle

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