Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

vehicle, it really has to be very reliable because you could be out (on the course) without a way of getting off, Hochman said.

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Once lined up with the hole, the golfer swivels the seat with a lever, then presses a button to lift it into a desired upright position from which to swing.

Swick was struck with an infection that attacked his spine and left him a paraplegic in 2006. His longtime golf buddy, Butch Hochman, refused to accept that Swick had to give up golf and did some research online. He learned disabled golfers in the United States and Ontario were using adaptive carts and approached Peter Ewert, manager and golf pro at Larters, who put the wheels in motion to bring a cart to the St. Andrews course.

ST. ANDREWS, Man. Harold Swick thought his golfing days were over when he suddenly became a paraplegic, but thanks to an adaptive golf cart the only of its kind being used in Manitoba he back enjoying the game he loves.

the place of one of Rolex Submariner Date Gold their regular carts. It a revenue producer because the people who are using it are bringing people with them. They don usually go out by themselves. electric cart has no foot pedals and has a thumb accelerator and hand brake, similar to a snowmobile, but on both hand controls. Its friendly weight distribution tires and suspension allow it to be used on the greens. The clubs are accessed from a holder on the front of the Rolex Datejust For Sale Uk


Rolex Submariner Date Gold

MAGIC recently met with the City of Winnipeg and has been given the green light to use the cart on all municipal courses and do so without being charged additional cart fees.

this kind of a Gold Submariner Rolex

cart goes on the green, it goes on the tee box and I golf right from the cart, said Swick, sitting on the cart outside Larters Golf and Country Club outside this town northeast of Winnipeg on Friday.

seatbelt is the most important feature and the seat swivels 360 (degrees), Swick explained. people golf from the back of the cart, others, like myself, golf from the side of the cart. from Winnipeg, is thrilled to report he golfing regularly again and able to maintain a lot of friendships he developed through the game.

´╗┐Disabled golfer back on course with adaptive cart

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Swick then purchased an upgraded model, called the SoloRider, for $11,000 about twice the cost of a regular cart. He and Hochman have since formed the Manitoba Adaptive Golf Initiative Coalition (MAGIC), to help recover costs with various fundraising.

treated us like we were family, Hochman said. only been members for about half a year. He really stepped forward. with financial assistance of a grant from the Winnipeg Foundation, brought an adaptive cart to Larters a few years ago. Swick used it several times, but it had mechanical problems and it was decided the repairs were too costly to keep it.

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

and the (Larters staff) house it here and look after it, he said. just have to phone, they bring it out and I on my own after that. Swick is the cart primary user now, MAGIC is trying to get the word out that it available to any seniors or golfers with mobility issues who like to give it a try.

the States a lot of courses will have one of these in their fleet, taking Rolex Datejust Gold Jubilee

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

Rolex Submariner Date Gold

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