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"I've gone over this thing 1,000 times in my head," said Helen Benjamin, chancellor of the three school Contra Costa Community College District. "I think people were just shocked that (the plot) was a possibility."

The fact that nearly 400 grades were altered has made the scandal a talking point among administrators nationwide, said Barmak Nassirian, a spokesman for the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Administrators quietly asked professors to check their records while college police traveled up and down the state serving search warrants on former students. Most employees and students had no idea an academic scandal of national proportions was brewing on the Pleasant Hill campus.

be that way. This has been a significant case, so they ought to be concerned."

"It's not like I've got 12 detectives hanging around," he said. "I've got one detective."

Eighteen months and countless network news stories Pre Owned Rolex Watches Sale Uk

time limits in this case.

The police department has only one detective "who was out about three months with a back injury during the investigation." Prosecutors could not file misdemeanor charges after February because of the one year statute of limitations. That left them with only the option of felonies, which have three year Black Rolex Submariner Price

"How would we look if we presented a case and the prosecutor threw it out?" Gibson said.

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Rolex Watch Gold Colour

The key Rolex Watch Gold Colour to overcoming the stain of the scandal, experts say, will be good communication skills. DVC leaders have acknowledged the surge of news coverage made them nervous, creating a sense of secrecy at times.

"It's not enough to suggest that most grades were good," he said. "We want every one of them to Rolex Oyster Perpetual Gold And Silver Price

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Rolex Watch Gold Colour

later, secrecy is out of the question, but administrators hope recovery is not. The widespread cash for grades scheme has left the community college's reputation battered and school leaders wondering how they could have done better.

Meanwhile, a district auditor was combing thousands of grades, trying to weed out suspicious changes. The time consuming search led administrators to conclude the scandal did not involve a high percentage of grades or students on the 22,000 student campus.

"If you take in perspective with how many students we have," district board member Jo Ann Cookman said, "to me, it's a very minute number of students."

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Others have cautioned the college against minimizing the damage the scandal caused the college and other institutions. A Contra Costa County judge this month noted the scheme "called into question the integrity of the education system" as she declined to release from jail one of the ringleader suspects.

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"You always have to take a look at what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes," Singer said. "I think at the end of the day the public will understand what DVC had to struggle with.

But college leaders have others they will have to persuade as well. Regional accreditors recently visited DVC to check on the security of the college's grade management system. It is the system student employees are accused of using to falsify transcripts for six years. State legislators plan to hold a special hearing to examine the scandal.

Universities across California are preparing to punish DVC students who transferred using falsified transcripts.

The criminal implications could have been less severe had the college police force been better equipped to handle the complicated investigation, which involved sifting thousands of pages of academic records and interviewing dozens of students.

But the college also has said it kept the investigation quiet for a year mostly to keep suspects from destroying evidence. The balance between public disclosure and stealth can be difficult to achieve, said Sam Singer, a San Francisco crisis management expert who was consulted by the district during the early months of the investigation last year.

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Administrators have acknowledged those concerns, sending letters to every college and university in the state informing them the problems have been solved. The district also has published newspaper advertisements with the same message for East Bay residents.

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For nearly a year after Diablo Valley College leaders found evidence of improperly changed grades, revelations were seen only in e mails or heard on phones and behind closed doors.

With felony charges pending against nearly three dozen current and former DVC students, the scheme has transformed into the country's most widespread criminal case involving academic records in recent memory. Some students face a decade or more in state prison if convicted, and 20 others could be charged.

Investigators could have wrapped up the case sooner if they had had more resources, district police Chief Charles Gibson said.

´╗┐Diablo Valley College tried to contain scandal fallout

Being short handed forced the department to juggle the grade change case with security responsibilities at all three colleges, Gibson said. Police wanted to finish the investigation within a year, but chose not to sacrifice thoroughness, he said.

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