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Part of Carrozza's job has been to assist when needed, but also to guide. Overseeing Thyne's work on the project does take up a lot of time, but Carrozza said the result a Buy Ladies Rolex Watch Uk

"I'm checking to see if dimerization of this protein is what causes it to mutate Rolex Daytona Gold Silver White Dial

student being able to create a schoolwide event is worth it. Carrozza said part of the learning process for Thyne has been adapting to challenges along the way.

Wearing a white lab coat in Nashua North's biotechnology classroom, Perkins carefully lit a Bunsen burner and explained the nature of her research. Perkins is studying how the mutation in a protein might affect its function in the cell.

"One way to have greater engagement in education is for students to be involved in its design," said Paul Leather, deputy state commissioner of Education. "There is a lot of research that shows the more a student is engaged, the greater gains they will get."

Who: Thursday's panelists at the community discussion include: Mark Conrad, superintendent of Nashua schools; Maureen Patt, third grade teacher at Broad Street Elementary School; Mark Detering, science teacher at Nashua High School South; David Chauvette, director of Academy for Science and Design charter school in Merrimack; Todd DeMitchell, head of education department at the University of New Hampshire; and Sarah Marandos, technology integration specialist, Nashua School District.

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´╗┐Districts let students learn outside school Video

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"I know I can't prevent bullying, but hopefully I can decrease it and raise awareness," Thyne said.

Thyne is working to make sure there will be students next year to take over for a second symposium.

At the end of the semester, once the event has been held, Thyne will get credit for the course. He meets regularly with Carrozza to go over his tasks and his daily log. Every two weeks, he has to write a reflection paper, looking back at what he has learned.

The results of the study could have a real impact on the future of cancer treatment, said North science teacher Mary Stewart. The goal is to make cancer treatment more effective with fewer side effects and to see if better treatments can be found, she said.

attended school board meetings speaking out on anti bullying policies and has visited elementary schools to talk with younger students about the effect it has.

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"They get a clear idea of the expectations in their perceived career field," she said.

Every morning during second block, Dyanne Perkins works on a research project that could change the way cancer is treated. That's not the usual outcome of a high school class, but this class isn't designed in the traditional way.

Stewart used to work at MIT and was able to set up the independent study through her connections to faculty there. The concept of allowing students like Perkins to shape their high school experience and focus on subjects they are passionate about can only have positive results, Stewart said.

Back in the science lab, this is Stewart's second time working with a student on an Extended Learning Opportunity. Last year, a student was able to secure an internship at the state's medical examiner office. Stewart said the student is now in college pursuing a career in that field.

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"It offers of more personalized education, where students have a voice," he said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the last in a four day series examining innovation and reform in our local public schools.

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Although there is no data available, Leather said a majority of the state's 84 high schools have implemented Extended Learning Opportunities similar to what is being offered in Nashua.

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Extended Learning Opportunities are part of a state initiative, encouraging school Rolex Watch Gold Men districts to get away from focusing on seat time and focus more on competencies and going beyond the school building walls for educational opportunities. Through changes made to the state's minimum standards in 2005, students can earn credit via internships, independent studies or other types of projects crafted by the students and teachers.

For Perkins, who had exhausted the high school's biotechnology course offerings by her senior year, spending an entire semester working on a biotechnology project sounded pretty good.

Working with help from psychology teacher Kim Carrozza, Thyne has been handling all of the logistics, from getting students to share their stories to making sure the space will be available. He even contacted representatives for singer Katy Perry to make sure he could incorporate one of her songs into the title of the event.

Jon Thyne, a senior at South, is working on an Extended Learning Opportunity of his own this semester. His goal is to organize and hold a three day anti bullying symposium at the school in May. It's an issue Thyne feels strongly about. He's Rolex Datejust 41 Jubilee Rhodium

"He's learning about obstacles," she said.

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Where: Media center at Nashua High School South.

and not work properly," said Perkins, who takes the shuttle bus to North every morning.

"It was right up my alley," she said.

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"It's teaching me to take on things on my own," Thyne said. "Once it's over, I know I'll feel a sense of accomplishment."

Perkins, a senior at Nashua High School South, was able to design her own independent study through the Extended Learning Opportunities program. With the assistance of teachers, Perkins been working this semester on a research project in partnership with the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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